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Tulare County is globally connected primarily through farming and agricultural products. As shown in the current Tulare County Ag report, over 89 countries receive agricultural exports from Tulare County which has positioned our region as a world leader in agricultural production. Tulare County is known for its innovation and creative best practices that help feed the world.

Nearby Seaports

Three seaports are equidistant to Tulare County providing an advantage for local companies to receive imported raw materials for producing their products, as well as for exporting their California-made products to an eager global market.

The seaports in Long Beach and Los Angeles are the two largest seaports in the United States, handling 40% of inbound U.S. containerized freight.

The Port of Oakland is a major container ship facility located in Oakland, California in the San Francisco Bay. It is the fifth busiest container port in the United States, behind Long Beach, Los Angeles, Newark, and Savannah.  The majority of exports at Port of Oakland include agriculture products grown mostly in the Central California region.

International Airports

Two of the most active international airports in the U.S. are located within 2-3 hours of Tulare County.

  • Los Angeles International Airport is the third-most active international cargo airport in the U.S., but notably its passenger service flies to 91 U.S. cities and 41 nations.
  • San Francisco International Airport has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia. In 2017, it was the seventh-busiest airport in the United States and the 24th-busiest in the world by passenger count.
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