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The EDC partners  with Beacon Economic, LLC, an independent research and consulting firm dedicated to delivering accurate, insightful, and objectively-based economic analysis. Beacon Economic entered the spotlight as one of the earliest and most adamant forecaster of the sub-prime mortgage market meltdown – and as one of a handful of organizations to stand against the tide and correctly calculate the depth and breadth of the global financial and economic crisis that followed.

The accurateness of its economic forecasting has helped establish Beacon as one of California’s most reputable economic research firms. The company specializes in economic and revenue forecasting, economic impact analysis, regional economic analysis, real estate market analysis, industry analysis, and economic policy analysis.

The EDC retains Beacon Economic to produce a Quarterly Economic Report and an annual economic forecast. We also maintain current economic and demographic data and can provide custom data, including industry specific labor market information on request.

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