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Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Tulare County’s economy.  A growing number of manufacturers looking to access California and West Coast markets, have identified Tulare County as a strategic location, because of its available workforce and ability to ship products to customers overnight.  Large and small industrial parks, along with land for development can be found throughout the county.  Local government policies make it easy to establish operations and quickly begin production.

The South Valley Industrial Collaborative, formed by local manufacturers and processors, is focused on supporting activities aimed at meeting industry needs.  Current activities include the development of a Regional Industrial Training Facility providing classes and instruction on new technology and robotics, along with training in industrial trades needed by manufacturers.

The Tulare County Economic Development Corporation works closely with its Workforce Partners to enhance existing efforts and encourage new opportunities to prepare the workforce of the future through collaboration with education partners.  We actively promote the use of our local colleges as a resource for corporate and industry training, including customized training and alignment of education programs to the needs of industry.

Top Manufacturers
Blue Scope Buildings, NA
Bradford Steel
Calgren Dairy Fuels
Country Plastics
Dryvit Systems
Fisher Manufacturing
Green Power Bus
Hellwig Products
Hydrite Chemical
International Paper
Kaweah Container
Nutrient Technologies
rePlanet Packaging
Sonoco Packaging
Tempo Plastics
US Towers
Voltage Multipliers
Waterman USA
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