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Processors typically go where raw commodities grow and where transportation infrastructure allows for efficient goods movement to ports and lucrative foreign markets.

Tulare County lists as one of the Top 3 Counties in the nation for Ag-production.  Tulare County’s total gross production value for 2019 garnered $7.5 Billion. This represents an increase of $300 Million or 4.0% above 2018’s value of $7.2 Billion.  This bump in wholesale crop production has consistently bolstered growth in its food processing capacity.

Food processors continue to migrate to the Tulare County region — drawn by the proximity to raw commodities and the desire to locate along major transportation routes. Served by State Highway 99 and an adjacent rail freight line, Tulare County is traversed by one of the busiest freight corridors in the nation. Its central location also means that processors can transport commodities to major ports in either southern or northern California in about three hours.

Tulare County’s burgeoning food processing cluster continues to also attract green energy production facilities. A growing market is harvesting methane from dairy facilities by means of anaerobic digesters than can transform unwanted greenhouse gases into clean energy. Tulare is the largest dairy-producing county in the United States and provides economic benefits to the development of new clean energy technologies.


Major Food Processors in Tulare County

Land O’Lakes

Saputo Cheese

Kraft USA

Ruiz Food Products, Inc.

California Dairies

Advanced Food Products

Foster Farms

Setton Pistachios


Horizon Nut


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