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The Logistics & Distribution cluster in Tulare County is made up of interrelated industries such as refrigerated warehousing, self-storage facilities, freight transporting companies, overnight delivery businesses, fulfillment and e-commerce facilities.

A growing number of logistic and distribution companies looking to ship products throughout California and the west coast, have identified Tulare County as a strategic location, because of its available workforce and ability to reach over 90,000 million customers overnight. Reports estimate that U.S. e-commerce sales will double to $1 trillion, growing at six times the rate of all retail transactions.

Tulare County Labor Market Information projects over 16,000 workers will be employed in this industry by 2026, making up almost 6 percent of the local economic market’s workforce population.


Major Logistics/Distribution Facilities

Amazon (under construction)
Best Buy
Bueno Beverage
Heilind Electronics
Hilti USA
JoAnn Stores
Millipore-Sigma (Merck)
MWI Veterinary Supply
ORS Nasco
Pacific Stihl
Patterson Logistics
Service Spring Corporation
UPS Super Hub
VF Corporation
VWR West Coast DC
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